Rising Tyrants

Week 3

Into the mine!

After the mine cart ambush we headed north by setting up and riding the mine carts up the track. We we’re greeted by two guards who seemed to be a part of the city guard. After almost angering them into attacking we convinced them to help our cause, they gave us a few pieces of advice including that the main elevator shaft had been rendered inoperable.

After entering the mine we explored a store room which contained some mucus like goo at the bottom of some of the tool storage crates, we found the main elevator shaft which was missing an operation lever, and also encountered two thugs in a secondary store room.

After dispatching them we found a secondary elevator shaft which led us to a newly dug area of the mine. After exploring a few of the mining tunnels we found a chest which turned out to be a Mimic! After defeating the mimic we discovered he had been holding the lever for the main elevator shaft.

We returned to the main elevator shaft and made our way into the depths below. We found many blocked passages, however there was one that we could see through into a larger cave and hear movement from within. Fearing an ambush we explored the remainder of the floor and found a giant spider den and were rewarded with minor injuries.

Upon returning to the original blockage the sound was gone, and we noticed a figure in the room behind the rocks. We decided to clear a path and charge in, from within the darkness two glowing eyes started to turn Kest to stone. When the darkness lifted we saw the creature, a hulking Basilisk. After a tough battle we vanquished the beast, and upon searching his corpse we were distracted as a dark cloaked figure stepped out of the darkness.

“So you have defeated my pet, well this isn’t my only plan, just a minor part of it. You will pay for this.” said the dark figure, and he raised his arm and a wave of extreme force sweeped across the room throwing us all into the wall and knocking us unconscious.

To be continued…



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