Rising Tyrants

Week 2
A minecart adventure, and an ambush!

After a solid night’s rest, a morning meeting, a map of the Iron Mine, we headed to the mine cart departure point near the north of town. As we arrived we discovered that the enchanted mine carts had a pattern of launching, so we all jumped in the 3 available carts (two of us per cart) and headed along the railroad track that twisted through the treeline towards the mine.

Along the way a part of the track was destroyed, Orion, Kreigh, Damaran, jumped out of the moving carts before they reached the destroyed track. However Kest, Gordon, and Niflheim, all remained in the carts as they flung themselves across the destroyed track throwing all of them to the ground, with the exception of Gordon who managed an extremely graceful landing.

As all of this was happening 7 bandits had emerged from the tree line, we took heavy casualities, and Orion was knocked out, but in the end we prevailed.

We managed to find a good selection of loot that the bandits had collected:

5 Lapus Lazuli gems (10 GP each)
1 Healing potion
105 EP
70 GP

And that is when the session ended.

Week 1
Character Creation & Exploring Jonty's Claim

After a long and arduous process of character creation our adventurers set off on their journey. Meeting each other for the first time in the Sheriff’s office in Jonty’s Claim.

Sheriff Clyde explained that the town has been experiencing some disappearances, and on further investigation we found out that the people have not been disappearing but have actually been turned to stone (or at least it would appear that way).

We we’re still only recently met, so we decided to each pursue our own ideas and split up the party. Two of us went to investigate the stone statues that the townspeople had amassed in a clearing in town. Another two went to the Slaughtered Deer, the outsider’s tavern, and another two of us went to the miner’s tavern, the Iron Shield.

Niflheim and Orion made their way to check out the statues.

When we arrived they noticed extremely fine details in the statues which would have required a master sculpter many hours to create, even though these statues appeared overnight. We met a homeowner in a nearby home and questioned them if they had seen or heard anything recently. The dwarf said that he had heard a number of rustling noises the night of one of the girl’s disappearances.

Damaran and Kreigh went to the Iron Shield for answers.

We made our way across town to find some more local knowledge, expecting to find a tavern full of miners, yet we only found a single patron alongside the beautiful bartender Marissa. Marissa paid Kreigh for his harmonica performance in beer, of which Kreigh offered as a means of opening communication with the only patron dwarf Morgran. Morgran mentioned that the Iron Mine had been shutdown due to the disappearances and he has been drinking away his pain for his lost comrades every night since. Marissa was also not enthused with Kreigh’s attempts at flirtation however she did mention that her twin sister of the Slaughtered Deer, Alexandra, may be more interested.

Kest and Gordon visited the nearby Slaughtered Deer.

The Slaughtered Deer was within view of the Sheriff’s office, so it only took us a few moments to reach it. When we arrived we first spoke to the bar maid, Alexandra, and ordered a number of drinks. In an attempt to discover some information Gordon approached an elf sitting alone at a table with a offering of a drink, Carric, was not amused and shortly removed himself from the tavern after a couple attempts to speak with him. In addition to the elf a group of dwarves were having a rowdy time at the tavern, with a little more guile than our first attempt, we realized that the dwarves would be far more interested in a drink. They mentioned to us that they were part of the Gorunn Clan that had left Jonty’s Claim years ago. They were there to support their clan brothers, and had just arrived that night, they unfortunately had no further useful information.

Niflheim met up with Kest, while Orion vanished during the inspection of the statues.

We searched around the area and found another statue of what looked to be a thief, he appeared to be surprised, and a bit frightened but was frozen in stone all the same. While investigating this statue, we heard a noise, a shuffling, and found some tracks that we followed to the tree line of Jonty’s Claim. We didn’t find what we were tracking, but we were ambushed by 2 giant bats, but we dispatched them quickly.

The rest of the party eventually made their way to the Sleepless Giant Inn, where they all stayed the night in a few rooms, and fed on the inn’s amenities.

In the morning they all awoke to meet Sheriff Clyde in the inn’s lobby. He gave them a warning about pursuing the quest and also provided them with a map of the Iron Mine. Additionally Orion met up with the party that morning, with next to no explanation on where he had been the previous evening the party disembarked for the departure point to the mine.


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