Jonty's Claim - Iron Mine


This Iron Mine is the main flow of resources for Jonty’s Claim, it provides the raw materials for all of the main exports of the town. Man-made and in operation for the past 5 years it is the twelfth mine to be started by the town.

Prospecting began for the site as long as 50 years ago when the dwarves of the Gorunn Clan began to understand the value of the town they had been creating. Magical carts enchanted by a powerful Wizard which is a friend of the clan provide most of the transportation needs of the industry, moving ore from the mine back into town.

This site is one of the last of the possible iron mines in the region. Prices for Iron have started to skyrocket as no where within 300 km is there another source. However they are only expected to rise higher, and at a faster rate, as quantities diminish.

Recently the mine has shut down and the demand for iron by the town and the region has doubled the value of iron. The town exhausted it’s raw materials in it’s stock pile within 2 weeks of the slowdown due to disappearances. Miner’s were hampered in their ability to mine until it finally became too dangerous and the mine had to be closed.

Update: After venturing into the mine, the party found a Basilisk had been causing the terror. It has now been removed from the picture.

Area Map (as drawn by an early cartographer):


Jonty's Claim - Iron Mine

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