Rising Tyrants

Week 2

A minecart adventure, and an ambush!

After a solid night’s rest, a morning meeting, a map of the Iron Mine, we headed to the mine cart departure point near the north of town. As we arrived we discovered that the enchanted mine carts had a pattern of launching, so we all jumped in the 3 available carts (two of us per cart) and headed along the railroad track that twisted through the treeline towards the mine.

Along the way a part of the track was destroyed, Orion, Kreigh, Damaran, jumped out of the moving carts before they reached the destroyed track. However Kest, Gordon, and Niflheim, all remained in the carts as they flung themselves across the destroyed track throwing all of them to the ground, with the exception of Gordon who managed an extremely graceful landing.

As all of this was happening 7 bandits had emerged from the tree line, we took heavy casualities, and Orion was knocked out, but in the end we prevailed.

We managed to find a good selection of loot that the bandits had collected:

5 Lapus Lazuli gems (10 GP each)
1 Healing potion
105 EP
70 GP

And that is when the session ended.



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