Jonty's Claim

JontysClaim.jpgJonty’s Claim sits atop a sheer cliff over looking an endless pine forest. Almost like it was carved out of the side of mountains, the surrounding area is rich in useful minerals that are just waiting to be uncovered.

A single road, Iron Pass, is the only point of access from the rest of the world. The Iron Pass twists and twirls its way from the closest kingdom road hundreds of miles away. Few travelers visit here for anything other than business or work, but recently more diverse arrivals and visits have been taking place due to the sudden demand for fierce and brave parties to solve the mystery of the disappearances.

Jonty’s Claim is an iron town, they refine, sell, mine, and fashion iron goods. The town mostly consists of labourers, hard working dwarves of the Gorunn Clan, and many humans in need of work.

The Iron Mine is the highest producer of iron in the region. The mine was set up 5 years ago and has recently had to be shut down due to the disappearances in town and at the mine.

Thirty-five people have gone missing from the town’s populace, most of them are still able to be found but only in a stone form. The town has moved them all from the places where they were found to new locations, one of these locations is in the town and the other one is at the Iron Mine.

Notable Characters:
Sheriff Clyde

Jonty's Claim

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